ADDIS ABABA– The Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF) have received popular supports in so far liberated villages, towns and cities of Tigray State as the Forces helped them to break loose from years of oppression under the heavy hands of the junta, said ENDF Chief of Staff Gen. Birhanu Jula.

 In a press conference he gave here yesterday in a connection with recent developments in the ongoing rule of law enforcement operation in the Tigray State, the Chief of Staff further said the people of Tigray have turned deaf ears to the call of TPLF junta to attack the army from the back.

“A number of young men and women have surrendered to the army with heavy weaponry and without firing a single shot in Adi Kokeb, Endabaguna, Shire and other areas.”

The people supply pertinent information to the ENDF as to the sites of the junta’s heavy weaponry, the direction of the junta’s force retreats and the like, he added.

He said TPLF junta’s dream to lead Ethiopia to war and destabilize the nation has been successfully foiled and the junta has been encircled to its death.

Regarding the desperate attempts of the junta, he said it has taken shelter on the premises of churches to fire at the national army. Gen. Birhanu added that the junta has stationed its fighters, command post and weaponry at churches.

“Cognizant of the junta’s destructive attempts, the army has carried out meticulous operation to separately hit the armed elements.”

By Eyasu Esayas

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