With its members selling their minds to doing atrocities and evil acts, the TPLF junta should be held accountable for breaching international rules of war, so said Former Ethiopian Armed Force Support and Development Association President Sergent Berhanu Amare.

Speaking to EPA, Berhanu elucidated the junta leaders have been perpetrating their actions using religious institutions as a bulwark and bastion. Hence, this constitutes international war crimes, he noted.

Noting that the extremist group has been synonym with full of apostasy and treachery since its inception he pointed out that the junta has never been standing for the benefits of the public rather it was putting both the unity of the people and the nation in danger. He further said that this junta group with ulterior motives can never be popularity.


As to him, the TPLF junta is completely insecure with no self-confidence though it tried to revive itself hiding among the community. Its political underpins are based on hatred and racism. Killing the society, destroying the country and properties as well were its top priorities. These crimes that the group committed can be evidences to file lawsuit against the group in the international criminal court.


By Eyasu Esayas

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