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Do you know your right in the USA? If you are an immigrant , you have civil rights , human rights, and legal rights. You have these rights even if you are undocumented or in detention, Learn about your rights-

Immigrant rights for asylum seekers in USA

Know your rights manuals for detained immigrants

  • Red cards- The immigrant legal resource center’s Red cards were created to help people assert their rights and defend themselves against constitutional violations. They help people know their rights an immigrant( weather legally here or not) or even a citizen may exercise if confronted.
  • Know your rights- ACLU – Do you know your rights ? The easy to use resources about different situationns were created by the ACLU , so you can have your rights at your fingertips.
  • ICIVICS- ICivics is a website where children and adults can play video games to learn about rights and laws in the USA. Some of the games can also be played in Spanish.
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Immigrant rights with ICE

What to do if ICE comes to your door

  • DO NOT OPEN DOORS- ICE can not come in without a signed warrant or if you let them in . Tell them to pass the warrant under the door before you open .
  • REMAIN SILENT- ICE can use anything you say against you in your immigration case so claim.your right to remain silent! Say “I plead the 5th amendment and choose to remain silent.”
  • DO NOT SIGN- Don’t sign anything ICE gives you without talking to an attorney.
  • REPORT THE RAID!- Report immediately : UWD hotline 1-844-363-1423. Take pictures , video and notes : badge numbers , number of agents , exactly what happened!
  • FIGHT BACK- Get a trustworthy attorney and explore all options to fight your case . If detained , you may be able to get bail – don’t give up hope!

Anti- fraud warning

Read this information to protect yourself from people who are not real lawyers. There are people who will pretend to help so they can keep your money. Learn how to recognise them and protect yourself!

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