The fuel… and the equivalent energy? Here we have issues to be together and discuss to stay together for a possible new future, i am not talking about the renewable future but about the NEW FUTURE

The green transition is always a question. What we should do is try to think about the possible new world after the revolution rather than the way you are trying to pretend to be an angel. I always say this: ‘Don’t pretend like an angel.’.


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Hi, I’m Eyasu Esayas,
an independent designer, writer and filmmaker
who loves nature.

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Honey, Money and Bitcoin to your wallet when you reimagin Crypto trading ecosystem

Honey and Money are my most favorite Love finders. Bitcoin is really a game changer. Our new members at CrypoTab are enjoying the Harvesting event of Harvesting. You know what we are harvesting? It is just a coin. Very little hash of coins. Its drop can fill the world with joy. Bitcoin. Simply add a…

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