Nice to have you my beloved brothers and sisters on Earth Planet as we call it. I am very happy today because of the moment. The moment of joy and surprise. Indeed it is not new for those who follow me how good I am.

I am always good but I will never forgive the bastard. We are not from the cruel entity calling themselves as an angel But we are Ethiopian. We respect human and nature for its glory we flourished on earth. Why the nonsense is telling us the other. I told them I love my Mom. I will be the savior for those who are in need to protect MoM and Life on Earth. Jesus has one thing not in common in His glory of humanoid history. He didn’t say Let me sacrifice but how about the remaining mother of my heart. She is there crying. ” If I was Jesus, I would never prefer death to save me. The reason is clear but the difference. Indeed Jesus was looking at human soul than individually individual. I believe He, The Lord, accepts the Precious Human Body of Ste, Mary. as servant and angel of God. Glory for Holly Spirit. Amen. (I’m gonna save Human) join me Eyasu Esayas Kurka

By Eyasu Esayas

Entrepreneur, Writer, Business advocate and Teacher. Nice to have every soul on board.

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