The first common carrier railway in America and Pullman Sleeping Car.

person standing in front of a train

The first common carrier railway in America was opened in 1820. America rail travel was different than that in England because of the long distances covered. American rail companies had to begin accommodating the needs of long distance travellers.

Serving food started from 1860’s on American trains. A common salon car Menu would include Buffalo, elk, beefsteak and mutton, with each costing $1. 

In 1864, George Pullman invented the Pullman Sleeping Car. The overnight car was developed to be a sleeping carriage that the middle classes could afford. A stay in Pullman Car was $2 a night.

The American Model of Long distance rail travel provided inspiration for mainland Europe. The Compagnie Internationale des Wagons-Lits (International Sleeping Car Company) was founded in 1862 and pioneered overnight travel in Europe . Their route included the  famous Orient Express, which ran from 1883 to 2009.

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